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Scene from the car: street kids, Bangladesh. Image ©Jason Florio


Street kids – stuck in traffic, Bangladesh © Jason Florio, 2015

Scene from the Car: On route from Chittagong to the fishing port of Cox’s Bazar, stuck in major traffic – as in, we aren’t getting anywhere fast. JF, Oct 26, 2015


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Rangoon – jasmine blossom salesman with thanaka face powder. Image © Jason Florio


Jasmin blossom salesman with thanaka – downtown Yangon ©Jason Florio


I have not been back to Yangon/Rangoon, Myanmar/Burma since 1998 when I rolled through with gonzo journo extraordinaire Pepe Escobar – great to see the upgrades, but wonderful to see the use of thanaka (a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark) has not been crushed under the wheels of modernity.

Jason Florio

Oct 23, 2015 – in Rangoon, on route to Sitwee, via Chittagong #Rohingya