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On Assignment in Uganda: public transport – ‘Boda Bodas’ ©Jason Florio

BodaBoda – public transport, Kampala, Uganda ©Jason Florio

Boda Boda’ is the name given to one of the most ubiquitous, and cheapest, forms of public transport in East Africa – motorcycles and bicycles.

BodaBoda – public transport, Uganda ©Jason Florio
BodaBoda – public transport, Uganda ©Jason Florio
BodaBoda – public transport, Uganda ©Jason Florio

Seeing so many of them on the roads, in and around Kampala, reminded me of the Moto taxis we used in the Fouta Djallon Highlands of Guinea Conakry, whilst on the River Gambia Expedition

Helen & ‘moto’ rider, Ebu, and River Gambia Expedition team member, Ebou, with his rider – leaving Mali Ville, Guinea-Conakry © Jason Florio

‘According to our main moto taxi man, Ebu, when we were trying to make the initial, extremely protracted, deal with him: “Come, we go now, now! We will get to Kedougou (Senegal) in two hours” he assured us – compared to 6-7 hours in a vehicle. In the end, we haggled a deal for roughly $28 per person – down from $35 per person. Hey, when on a tight expedition budget, every single dollar saved counts…

At long last, almost 5 hours later, we were ready to hit the road. Ebu is still adamant that we would make Kedougou by dark. So much so, he very convincingly stated: “and I will return tonight, to Mali Ville, with a passenger from Kedougou, too!”. In actual fact, we would not reach Kedougou until 10 pm that evening!’ extract from the ‘River Gambia Expedition-1044km source-sea African odyssey’ blog by Helen Jones-Florio

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Media: ‘Can military-style tactics help save the African rhino?’ – The Sydney Morning Herald

‘The goal is to repopulate them where they have been decimated, in countries including Rwanda, Zambia and Botswana…’ Rhino mass relocation – South Africa 

Rhino relocation, South Africa - image ©Jason Florio. Sydney Morning Herald

Rhino mass relocation, South Africa – image ©Jason Florio. Sydney Morning Herald

‘Can military-style tactics help save the African rhino?’

Images © Jason Florio / Words by Todd Pitock – The Sydney Morning Herald

‘These magnificent beasts are facing annihilation from ruthless poachers, but environmentalists hope that military-style operations to move the animals across borders may help save the species.’ – read/see more in The Sydney Morning Herald.


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August 2018

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New York City-Malta: Photographers, Jason Florio & Reza Deghati meet up after 20 years

New York-Vallletta, Malta - Photographers and Jason Florio and Reza Deghati meet again after 20 years

Photographers Reza Deghati and Jason Florio meet again after 20 years. Image courtesy of Helen Jones-Florio, Valletta, Malta, July 2018


July 2018: Jason Florio, currently in Malta

Photographers, Jason Florio & Reza Deghati – Almost 20 years ago, whilst I was still trying to break out of assisting, I was fortunate to have dinner with legendary National Geographic photographers David Alan Harvey and Reza Deghati, in NYC. A life-affirming conversation with them gave me the confidence to pursue the path of photojournalism, that I was just starting to tread upon. Today, here in Malta (when he presented and exhibited his project, ‘Exile Voices‘), after all these years, I had the beautiful opportunity to meet Reza again – and let him know that his and David’s words had a profound impact on my life. It’s been a crazy journey at times, but the one which I feel blessed to be on…

Taschakor, Reza! Great to see you … let’s not wait another 20 years!! JF


Arrival into the Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan from Tajikistan with Northern Alliance fighters ©Jason Florio

Arrival into the Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan from Tajikistan with Northern Alliance fighters ©Jason Florio


One of the first assignments, as a photojournalist, after that inspiring meeting in NYC with Reza and David, took me to Afghanistan (more than once, over the years)

An Afghan Diary

My journey to the Taliban-controlled region of Afghanistan in August 2000 was in fact not planned. I was on my way to Kashmir to follow the ‘jihad trail’ when I got a call to join my colleague and writer, Pepe Escobar, who was working on jihad stories on the Pakistan-Afghan border – he said: “This is (Afghanistan) where it’s really happening…”. read more on my website

Jason Florio

Currently in Malta – covering Europe and Africa


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