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NatGeo - opening shot of an article about the Gambia, with red colobus monkeys swinging in the trees. Image ©Jason Florio

NatGeo Travel: Exploring the Gambia’s new Ninki Nanka Trail. Images ©Jason Florio

NatGeo Travel – ‘Exploring the Gambia’s new Ninki Nanka Trail.’ Words by James R.Patterson / Images ©Jason Florio

Ninki Nanka’s appearance is hard to corroborate, with descriptions varying from tribe to tribe. For some, it combines the head of a crocodile with the body of a donkey; for others, it’s a blend of hippopotamus and giraffe. To others still, it’s simply a large snake. Not that seeing it is desirable — its one consistent trait is its fatal stare. Francis’ eyes comb the nearshore. “It’s believed that if you see the Ninki Nanka — purple glossy starling! — you’ll die.” Words by James R.Patterson/NatGeo Travel

Featured Image: Western red colobus monkeys swinging through a jungle canopy is just one of the wildlife sightings on offer along Gambia’s new Ninki Nanka Trail.  Image © Jason Florio


Current location: The Gambia, West Africa

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