Press: Daring to dream. The women and girls on HIV’s new front line, Uganda. Images ©Jason Florio

HIV’s New Frontline Uganda – Young women in Africa are up to 14 times more likely to contract HIV than boys of the same age. Paul Nuki reports from Uganda on the sexual exploitation driving a new wave of infection – The Telegraph HIV’s New Frontline Uganda Confident at first, Fauza tells her story. Her father was a fisherman and […]

‘A Blossom Pink World’ wins judges vote at Trans Pride Brighton, 2019

This was amazing news to wake up to on Saturday morning! We won the judges prize for the best non-fiction film – ‘A Blossom Pink World’ was screened on Friday 19th July 2019 at Trans Pride Brighton / My Genderation A short film made by Jason Florio and Zane Dedlow for the NGO, Frontline AIDS Activists share their experiences, hopes and aspirations as they challenge the legal […]

NGO photography and film © Jason Florio

NGO photography film – Jason Florio NGO photography film – Jason Florio ‘A Blossom Pink World’ Transgender in Guyana – a short film for International HIV/AIDS Alliance ©Jason Florio  / Zane Dedlow. See more of Jason Florio’s work for NGO’s on his website.   August 2018 Currently in Malta – covering Europe and Africa @jasonflorio / @floriotravels – Instagram floriotravels – Vimeo Jason Florio/Photojournalist – FB

A Prince in Cape Town – young LGBT asylum seeker

A film by Jason Florio and Zane Dedlow for HIV/AIDS Alliance A Prince in Cape Town: young LGBT asylum seeker Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are often forced to flee their home country to escape discrimination and violence only to face an uncertain future as undocumented migrants with no access to healthcare services. When […]