CAP PRIZE 2021 SHORTLIST: 'Gambia-victims, and resisters' Images ©Jason Florio/Helen Jones-Florio

CAP PRIZE 2021 SHORTLIST: ‘Gambia-victims, and resisters’ by Jason Florio/Helen Jones-Florio

CAP PRIZE 2021 SHORTLIST: ‘Gambia-victims, and resisters’ – Having worked and lived on and off in The Gambia since 1998, Helen Jones-Florio, my wife and collaborator, and I were personally aware of former President Yahya Jammeh’s control over society. It was not until Jammeh fled into exile in January 2017, after an astonishing election defeat, did the litany of violations under his regime start to come to light. The Gambia has been our second home and we felt it was our duty as documentarians to give face and voice to the victims, survivors, and their families. Despite hundreds of testimonies by both victims and perpetrators at the ongoing Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission, many Jammeh loyalists are still in denial of the crimes, he and his cadre are now being accused of. Making it important to keep bringing the victims’ stories to public attention. Jason Florio – photographer & filmmaker

Martin Kyere, Ghana - the sole known survivor of the 2005 massacre by Gambian security forces, ordered by President Yahya Jammeh . Image © Jason Florio/Helen Jones-Florio 'Gambia-victims, and resisters' of a regime

Ghanaian, Martin Kyere – sole survivor of the 2005 massacre, The Gambia – testifies today at the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission

Ghanaian, Martin Kyere – sole survivor of the 2005 massacre, in The Gambia, testifies live today at the Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC). ‘Gambia – victims, and resisters’ In July 2005, over 50 West African migrants, including 44 Ghanaians were murdered in The Gambia en route to Europe. The unarmed migrants were killed by […]

On assignment: Photographer and filmmaker, Jason Florio, photographs a young returnee in her small shop in Bakoteh, The Gambia, West Africa. Image ©Helen Jones-Florio

On Assignment: The Gambia, West Africa – Jason Florio

February, 2021: Photographer & filmmaker, Jason Florio – On assignment in The Gambia. My current project is based around returnees, who left by ‘the backway’ to Libya but who have since returned to home. Documenting them – through film and photography – as they begin to rebuild their lives, with the support of the organisation, Catholic Relief Services.