NatGeo - opening shot of an article about the Gambia, with red colobus monkeys swinging in the trees. Image ©Jason Florio

NatGeo Travel: Exploring the Gambia’s new Ninki Nanka Trail. Images ©Jason Florio

NatGeo Travel: The route aims to draw travellers from the Gambia’s golden coast towards its lesser-explored interior. Named for a mythical water-dwelling beast, the trail traces the Gambia River 225 miles upstream from Banjul, an intrepid journey to the nation’s heart. Images ©Jason Florio

CAP Prize Winners 2021: (L) A man sits behind the wheel of his disused taxi - seen through the windscreen. (R) A nighttime street view, with people walking, silhouetted against street lights. Images © Jason Florio / Helen Jones-Florio 'Gambia-victims, and resisters'

CAP Prize 2021 Winners – including ‘Gambia-victims, and resisters’

Cap Prize 2021 winners: Since 2017, we have photographed over one-hundred-and-twenty portraits, sites of violations and recorded video testimonies, in The Gambia, Senegal, and Ghana. Our work aims to expose the wide-reaching forms and scale of abuse – to create a historical archive and to be used as a tool for advocacy and public awareness. Jason Florio & Helen Jones-Florio

West African men punt a raft carrying a water pump, River Gambia, Senegal © Jason Florio

Podcast: Rogue Hippos! & Photographing During a Dictatorshop – Jason Florio

Podcast:Today two stories featuring humanitarian photojournalist Jason Florio. In the first we talk about a photo expedition he took with his wife and business partner Helen Jones-Florio along the Gambia River, which sounds beautifully romantic and exotic in equal measure, but doesn’t come without its wildlife challenges as you’re about to find out