Gender Equality Afghanistan – Secret Home School for Girls,

Gender Equality Afghanistan Gender Equality Afghanistan – At the beginning of the 21st century, our world still didn’t get rid of the different evaluation between the genders. Our campaign’s purpose is to draw attention to this important issue of humanity and bring about the importance of change, with the collaboration of the world’s photo artists. […]

New York City-Malta: Photographers, Jason Florio & Reza Deghati meet up after 20 years

  July 2018: Jason Florio, currently in Malta Photographers, Jason Florio & Reza Deghati – Almost 20 years ago, whilst I was still trying to break out of assisting, I was fortunate to have dinner with legendary National Geographic photographers David Alan Harvey and Reza Deghati, in NYC. A life-affirming conversation with them gave me the confidence to pursue the path […]

jason florio photography prints sales

Helen Jones-Florio Gallery For all print sales, please contact the gallery. Jason Florio – fine art photography prints – available to buy from Helen Jones-Florio online gallery