Stelle del Mare Images ©Jason Florio a small group of men bathing in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta

‘Stelle Del Mare’. Images ©Jason Florio, Mediterranean Life

I have spent years on the road attempting to tell the stories of others. In this time of COVID ‘lockdowns’ and seemingly unending up-endings of our lives, I have needed to slip into a more contemplative state; looking for a less literal and more visceral form of storytelling. This new ongoing series of ‘postcards’ from our Malta window…Jason Florio photographer/filmmaker

Heavy weather in the Mediterranean – onboard MOAS search & rescue boat

    Jason Florio is currently back at sea, with the MOAS SAR team (search and rescue), onboard the Phoenix , patrolling the waters just off the coast of Libya. The stormy weather meant that the first couple of days down in the SAR area were quiet but today, as the sea calmed, all that changed […]