Oumie Jagne was shot twice in the arm by Gambian security forces during a peacful protests by students on April 10th 2000, who were demanding justice after a soldier raped a young student. She was a shop keeper working near by when the shooting happened and rushed to help her sister, a student who had been shot in the foot. Now she relies on her husband Lamin to cook and wash as she has no strength in her arm portrait © Jason Florio

Postal de Quarentena de Cape Point – A pandemia que ameaça a ‘costa sorridente de África’ by Jason Florio

Ensanduichada pelo Senegal e o Oceano Atlântico, a Gâmbia tem um número tão baixo de casos positivos e mortes por Covid que muitos estrangeiros preferem passar lá a “segunda vaga” do que arriscar ficar nos países ocidentais. ‘Postal de Quarentena de Cape Point’ for Renascença by Jason Florio

Feature Image: Oumie, baleada duas vezes no braço pelos soldados de Yahya Jammeh enquanto tentava salvar uma menina.


‘Gambia – victims, and resisters, the ongoing series © Jason Florio & Helen Jones-Florio


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