‘Stelle Del Mare’ – Postcards from Malta, by Jason Florio

‘Stelle Del Mare’ frame #8 ‘The Philosophers, Stoned’ – Image ©Jason Florio


‘Stelle Del Mare’ – The people, they arrive to you early seeking your silky salty comfort. Some are old men who trace the sign of the cross on their chests before submerging into you, some are looking to you to hide their inhibitions and sexual gamings, some are drunks seeking solace from an all-nighter. You do not discriminate and welcome all.

I have spent years on the road attempting to tell the stories of others. In this time of COVID ‘lockdowns’ and seemingly unending up-endings of our lives, I have needed to slip into a more contemplative state; looking for a less literal and more visceral form of storytelling. This new ongoing series of ‘postcards’ from our Malta window and close by, onto the Mediterranean sea was born of the subconscious – a speechless full moon that nudges my conscious minds-eye to react – but whatever story there might be in the frame, is open to imagination, interpretation and meditation… Jason Floriophotographer/filmmaker

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In isolation between a ‘Rock and a Hot Place‘ - photojournalist Jason Florio, standing with his mum's dog, 'Space'. Image ©Helen Jones-Florio, April 2020
In isolation between aRock and a Hot Place‘ – photographer, Jason Florio, with his mum’s dog, ‘Space’. Our constant companion, during lockdown in the UK Image ©Helen Jones-Florio, April 2020

Current Location: September 2020 – Malta

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