‘I Cannot Bury My Father’ documentary release 13.01.2020

‘I Cannot Bury My Father‘ A Film by Nana-Jo Ndow/ANEKED


A short documentary about the 56 West African migrants forcibly disappeared and killed in 2005 in Gambia by security forces on orders of ex-dictator Yahya Jammeh. The film follows Isaac Mensah, one of the victim’s sons, who shares the family’s account of how his father’s death/disappearance continues to take an emotional toll on the family; and his journey to more answers.

‘I Cannot Bury My Father’ – a documentary film by Nana-Jo Ndow/ANEKED
I Cannot Bury My Father‘ reflects on the need for a wider public conversation around migration, extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and the issue of ensuring accountability.

Released, Monday 13th January, 2020, you can watch the full documentary online now.
Media: Al Jazeera‘Still reeling from the Jammeh years, Gambians wait for justice’


Director & Producer – Nana-Jo Ndow/ANEKED

Presenter – Isaac Mensah

Director of Photography – Jason Florio

Assistant Producer & Second Camera – Festus Jackson Davis

Editor – Gabriel Baron

Animator – Alexis Stern

Translator & Advisor – Zusong Tidana


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January 2020 – Currently in The Gambia, West Africa

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