Press: Daring to dream. The women and girls on HIV’s new front line, Uganda. Images ©Jason Florio

HIV's New Frontline Uganda - images ©Jason Florio
Image © Jason Florio for The Telegraph, UK

HIV’s New Frontline Uganda – Young women in Africa are up to 14 times more likely to contract HIV than boys of the same age. Paul Nuki reports from Uganda on the sexual exploitation driving a new wave of infection – The Telegraph

HIV's New Frontline Uganda - images ©Jason Florio
HIV diagnoses among this demographic have declined in Dreams intervention districts. Image ©Jason Florio

HIV’s New Frontline Uganda

Confident at first, Fauza tells her story. Her father was a fisherman and they lived locally in a modest home, scraping a living from the Ugandan shores of Lake Victoria and its equatorial surrounds. But then she got pregnant.

“When he found out, my father chased me from home… my parents say I’m a loss to them, that I have no future… the man whose child it was said ‘I don’t want you here’.”

HIV's New Frontline Uganda - images ©Jason Florio
Two-thirds of all new infections across the region occur in young women and girls. Image © Jason Florio

Read the full feature ‘Daring to Dream’ by Paul Nuki on the Telegraph site.

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