#ThrowBackWednesday: Moto taxi rider, Ebu, Mali Ville, Fouta Djallon ©Jason Florio

Moto taxi rider, Ebu, Mali Ville, Fouta Djallon Highlands, Guinea-Conakry © Jason Florio photography

Moto taxi rider, Ebu, Mali Ville, Fouta Djallon Highlands © Jason Florio

River Gambia Expedition – 1044km source-sea African odyssey

All images © Jason Florio

River Gambia map - source-sea

River Gambia map – source-sea

‘”It will be cheaper than taking the vehicle!” said Florio – pulling at our over-stretched  budget purse-strings – that clinched the deal!…Ebu, very convincingly, stated: “Come, we go now, now!… We will get to Kedougou in two hours… and I will also return tonight, to Mali, with a passenger from Kedougou too!”.  In actual fact, we would not reach Kedougou until 10pm that evening! If we had had even a hint that we would be on the back of those motorcycles for almost nine spine-juddering hours, not one of us would have been smiling, and joking, half as much as we did when we set off!’ Words by Helen Jones-Florio / River Gambia Expedition.

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Silafando – a gift to you on behalf of my journey


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