‘We Never Gave Up – stories of courage in Gambia’ Amnesty International documentary screening

We Never Gave Up: Stories of Courage in Gambia – Film Screening and Q&A

Amnesty International will host a screening of the documentary (which we made for them) on 13th August, followed by a Q&A session with experts including Amnesty International’s West Africa researcher Sabrina Mahtani, and chaired by Amnesty International’s Deputy Director of Global Issues and Head of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Makmid Kamara.

August 13th, 2018 – 71a Gallery, London

‘Gambia’s last decades during President Jammeh’s regime were a story of serious human rights violations. During the 22 years (1994-2016) that Jammeh was in power, the space for expression of dissent was severely limited. President Jammeh’s regime included enforced disappearances, torture, restrictions on freedom of expression, arbitrary arrests and detention…’ Amnesty – see all the details on their Eventbrite page.

Still from 'We Never Gave Up' Imam Baba Leigh, The Gambia - portrait ©Jason Florio

Taken during filming ‘We Never Gave Up’ Imam Baba Leigh who was arrested, disappeared, and tortured, for 5 months The Gambia – portrait ©Jason Florio

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