VQR 2016 Prize for Photography – Jason Florio ‘Out of the Sea’


VQR Feature: Migrants and refugees rescued in the Mediterranean Sea by MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) – image ©Jason Florio/MOAS

I feel highly thankful to receive this year’s VQR 2016 Prize For Photography 
for my  essay ‘Out of the Sea’ on the migration crisis in the Mediterranean.
VQR has been a home for my work for a number of years
and I would like to thank the VQR team for continuing to champion my work and honoring me with this award” Jason Florio

Portraits of rescued refugees and migrants from Syria and Nigeria, on board the Phoenix rescue boat © Jason Florio

Big congratulations to the other VQR 2016 winners

Read the entire ‘Out of the Sea‘ feature and view the series of portraits on the Virginia Quarterly Review site. All images © Jason Florio/MOAS.EU

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