‘Portraits of a Rescue on the Mediterranean’ by Jason Florio – VQR

In doing so, with more than 100 subjects, Florio has created a humanizing counterpoint to the images that have dominated the narrative of the migration crisis so far. “I know it sounds cliché, but I felt these portraits were an effective way to find the individual in the whole mess. All the images of migrants we’ve seen are of chaotic hordes. I thought it was important to give them a space to represent themselves.” VQR – read full feature and see more portraits and rescue images here

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VQR – cover shot © Jason Florio/MOAS_EU 2015 – migrant and refugee rescues in the Mediterranean Sea

‘The strangest thing was how quiet they were: 369 men, women, and children crammed into a forty-foot fishing boat as blue as the Mediterranean waters that surrounded them. They had set off from a Libyan port the night before, aiming for the Bouri oil field, a collection of deepwater wells some eighty miles off the coast, exactly as their smugglers had instructed. By midday, the boat began taking on water, and the hold, packed with passengers, was filling up…’ Jason Florio – read more at VQR

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Images © Jason Florio – read full feature/more images on-line at VQR  

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