Press: Gambian returnees working to change migration exodus mindset – IRIN News

IRIN NEWS: YAIM – Youths Against Irregular Migration, Gambia. Images © Jason Florio – read/see more on the IRIN site. Related posts on migration.   August 2018 Currently in Malta – covering Europe and Africa @jasonflorio / @floriotravels – Instagram floriotravels – Vimeo floriophotoNYC – Twitter Jason Florio/Photojournalist – FB

Press: ‘Disposable Africans – migration and its consequences’ IRIN News-images ©Jason Florio

  ‘Much ink has been spilt trying to make sense of the migration flow across the Mediterranean, a stretch of sea that has become the frontline of capitalism’s most urgent question: What’s more valuable – a human life, or the fraying concept of the sanctity of state borders?’ IRIN News – ‘Disposable Africans – migration […]

#Everydaymigration – images ©Jason Florio/MOAS.EU

      The @EverydayMigration Instagram feed launched by showcasing the work of @JasonFlorio, a British photographer who has been embedded on multiple missions onboard the MOAS.EU (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) search and rescue ship off the coast of Libya since May 2015. Having been based in the Gambia before he began his work with MOAS… […]

Jason Florio – Photographer & Filmmaker Jason Florio, photographer and filmmaker, originally from London, based from NYC for 18 years before relocating to The Gambia, West Africa, in 2013. Currently, living in Malta. His focus has been towards under-reported stories about people living on the margins of society and human rights. His work has been recognised with a number […]